Big-time 2009 QB looking testing the waters

At 6-foot-3, 231 pounds quarterback Tom Savage has the look of a prototypical drop-back passer at the major Division I level. The rising junior from Philadelphia (Pa.) Cardinal O'Hara has the game to go along with the look, and that's why so many college coaches are tagging Savage as a high priority in the Class of 2009.
"I'm definitely not an option quarterback but I can make some plays on my feet," Savage said. "I've got a good arm and I'm comfortable in the pocket. I'm looking for more of a pro-style offense where I would be dropping back, but I could also feel comfortable going out of the gun. Florida's offense is attractive and I really like Michigan's offense."
Savage runs the 40-yard dash in 4.75 seconds, so it's true that he can pick up yards on the ground. But he's shown himself to be content dropping back and picking apart a defense with his arm. His arm strength is improving with age and he already possesses the accuracy and poise that you might expect out of someone in the class above him.

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Miami, Rutgers, Michigan, Auburn, Syracuse, Iowa and others have verbally offered Savage and other offers are sure to be on the way. Who else has taken an interest in the Pennsylvania quarterback?
"Right now I really like Miami, Florida and Rutgers because it's so close to home," he said. "I'm looking at Penn State and I really like Michigan a lot too. At this point I'm just testing the waters and trying to get a feel for what's out there.
"I don't think location will be that big of a factor. My brother (Bryan) plays up at Wisconsin, so distance and weather might be something that you think about, but you get used to it. You've just got to find the place that's right for you regardless of where it is.
"Personally, I really like the idea of going down South, because of the weather and all that."
This summer Savage has camped at Florida, Miami, Tennessee, NC State and Penn State. He met Je'ron Stokes at the recent Friday Night Lights camp and the two bonded well. There's even a chance they might like to attend school together.
"That's a long way off and we have to do what's best for each of us but you never know," Savage said. "We get along really well and I'm sure it's something we'll talk about at some point. It could become a great possibility."