Big Ten team moving in on Monroe

Little has been heard from Upper Marlboro (Md.) Frederick Douglass athlete Demory Monroe. What's the latest with the 5-foot-11, 173-pounder at this time?
"I've got the three offers from Hawaii, Ohio and West Virginia," he said. "I'm looking at Penn State a lot. They haven't offered, but they are interested and I'm very interested in them.
"I spoke with the coach earlier today and he said I'm very high on their board. He wouldn't lie to me and I still have a love for them. They have said they haven't gotten around to the defensive backs, but once they do they'll get back to me."

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Meanwhile, what's Monroe's status with his offers?
"The situation with West Virginia is that I'm still looking at them," he said. "I'm not as heavy on them as I am my other two offers."
One school that has made a push is Ohio.
"I went to Ohio last month," he said. "It was a nice place. I liked the campus and facilities. It was pretty cool.
"I was surprised they were ranked in the BCS for a little while. They were undefeated at one point. Also, the coaches there are really down-to-earth. The people are down-to-earth too. It's a cool place to be."
Monroe doesn't believe a decision is too soon as he still is discussing visits and likely officials. More than likely he expects to wait until after showings in the Chesapeake and Crab Bowls in December.
"I'm looking at all my offers," he said. "I'm just waiting still, but I'm not going to wait until slots are filled up. I'm going to make a decision. When my report card comes out next week, I'm going to send that to colleges and then probably make a decision, probably after the all-star games. I know a lot of the colleges will come out there and it's a chance to get more offers."
On the year, Monroe has posted five interceptions. He discussed his season to date.
"The season is going well," he said. "We're in the playoffs. I think there is a big difference in the way I'm playing this year even compared to last.
"I'm having a way better season because of my offseason training with Troy Vincent. That had a huge impact on my game and improved my ability to backpedal and come out of my breaks quicker. I'm learning different ways to defend routes and improve my leverage. I just want to keep building on my potential and athletic ability."