Big summer ahead for White

Springhill (La.) North Webster 2016 running back Devin White quickly became a prospect to watch after a standout sophomore season and big performances on the summer camp circuit in 2013.
Now the standout holds offers from LSU, Alabama, Nebraska, Ole Miss, Tulsa, and Louisiana-Lafayette, and he has another busy summer in the plans.
"I'm planning the camps out as they come," White said. "I know June 1 I'll be at Ole Miss for a date. June 7-10 I want to say I'll be at Big Red Weekend in Nebraska. Those are the two I know for sure that we've planned out. Then if I don't camp I'm still going to visit a couple of schools in Oklahoma (Oklahoma and Oklahoma State). I'm going to try to reach out to Texas. There's going to be a lot of moving this summer."
White also plans to return to camps at Alabama and LSU and he has talked to coaches at Texas A&M. He is also thinking about making a summer decision.
"We haven't set the date up yet because I'm not for sure sure," White said. "But it is a possible thing that can happen around July after I've looked at all these schools and seen what they have to offer."
One reason he is thinking about a possible decision is to help build the 2016 recruiting class wherever he chooses.
"I feel like I can bring numerous people into the school I go to," White said. "I feel like they have to know where I'm going right away so they can want to go too because I do talk to a lot of prospects in my class and that's what I hear from them a lot. Like, man, we can go together and do this here so they jump on board with me."
Are there any leaders right now?
"I really don't have a leader or anything that's why I'm taking these visits. If I had a couple of leaders I would just go to those specific schools," White said. "I'm trying to see everything, and if I do commit early I'm still going to take my official visits to make sure. Because you're never too sure. It's a onetime thing so I won't get to do this again. So I'm going to make sure. I'm going to be 100-percent sure."
While he is not ready to declare a leader or leaders, he does know what he is looking for in a college program.
"Mainly to make sure the school has my best interests in mind," White said. "It's not just all football and I feel like we can have a great relationship. These are people I'm going to be around for at least three to four years depending on how well I do at their university.
"And most importantly academically, because I want to graduate. Even if I have the chance to leave in three years, I want to be able to come back and graduate anyways. So I want to be preparing for that in the long run.
"And just the relationship and feeling like I can come right in and make an impact. I don't have to be starting right away. It can be getting playing time but on special teams I can contribute until it's my time. I know these two years there's been some great running backs and linebackers going to these teams so I feel like whatever I can do that's what I'm going to do."