Big spring for McBride

Three-star offensive lineman Montel McBride of Plant City, Fla. has seen a great deal of success come his way in recent weeks. Aside from grabbing several new offers, including Alabama, McBride also got the news last night that he would be attending The Opening.
"Recruiting has picked up really quickly," said McBride, who is 6-foot-4, 330 pounds. "I went from having just a few to quite a selection of what school I want to go to."
McBride's most recent offers have come in from Alabama, Florida Atlantic, Western Kentucky and Samford. These offers joined previous ones from schools like Auburn, Kentucky, Florida State, Louisville, Mississippi State, South Florida and Central Florida.

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McBride has yet to attend any camps, but that will change as he will be on a bus tour with some friends and teammates.
"We'll be stopping at Clemson, Vandy, Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisville," he said. "I'll be camping at some and not others. I don't know all of the schools we are going to."
At the schools he does camp at, McBride has a simple agenda planned.
"I just want to try and showcase my talents, while having fun doing it," he said.
The recent flood of offers has put McBride in a very good position.
"It's crazy but at the same time it's a blessing," said McBride. "I'm honored to have the offers."
While the offer from Alabama was a special surprise to McBride, he is taking everything in stride.
"I am beyond happy and excited about it, but I can't wait to see what more this recruiting process brings me," he said.
The new offers may be pushing McBride to make an earlier offer than he had originally planned.
"I was going to wait, but now I may just do it before the season to get it over with," said McBride, who was asked about possible favorites. "I can't say that because I love everybody pretty equally."
Finally, late last night McBride got the news that he had been invited to The Opening in Oregon.
"I can't wait until the end of this month," he said. "I can't believe this is how my spring is going to end."