Big opening offer for Dixon

Bryce Dixon had been hearing a little bit from Miami but when he got word Sunday morning that the Hurricanes offered the 2014 prospect from Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure was thrilled.
The 6-foot-4, 228-pound recruit said it came as a major surprise but he's excited to learn more about the school and hopes to keep gaining the attention of college coaches.
"They offered me (Sunday) morning," Dixon said of Miami. "I think they saw my game and they called my coach and my coach told me.

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"I feel really good about myself. I've had people telling me it wasn't possible and they had me down and stuff but this is a big boost for me."
Miami is definitely a school of interest to Dixon, who looked good this summer at the Southern Cal Rivals.com Showcase Powered by FBU Select, especially since its offense and St. Bonaventure's is almost the same.
Still, with so much time remaining in his junior season, Dixon said he doesn't want to make any rash decisions. The Hurricanes are definitely high on his list but he wants to see if others get involved, too.
"I know they run the same style offense as we do so that would be good if I went to their school because I'd be really familiar with the offense," Dixon said.
"I want to take my time though. I want to settle in and play through my junior year. It's a really good school though and it's my first offer so I might honor it."
Things are looking up for Dixon, who finished with seven receptions for 185 yards and two touchdowns in St. Bonaventure's win against Corona (Calif.) Centennial this past weekend.
Dixon, who's also hearing a little bit from Arizona, and sophomore quarterback Ricky Town have a great connection and the team is playing well. That could translate into even more exposure.
"I'm really happy," Dixon said. "Ricky and I connected in that game really well and I was excited out of my mind when I got that first offer.
"They're using me as an athlete. I'm 6-4 and 228 so I'm playing wide receiver, tight end, d-end, a little bit of fullback, slot, flanker, wherever they put me I'll play it."