Big day for Blacknall

Wednesday was a big day for Saeed Blacknall. The wide receiver from Manalapan (N.J.) picked up offers from Ohio State and, less than an hour later, Florida State.
"Ohio State came first," said the 6-foot-3, 205-pound Blacknall. "My coach called me and said Coach Warriner from Ohio State was trying to get in touch with me because he had some news for me. He left it at that but I kind of knew what it was about. I gave him a call and he told about the process they went through evaluating me and all the other receivers he picked and he really thinks I would be a good fit for the program. He seemed really excited about me and it went really well.
"The Florida State offer came about because I heard that Coach Dawsey was trying to contact me," he said. "I gave him a call and he pretty much said the same thing about how I could be a good fit for the program. Coach Dawsey said they want to build a relationship with me and he offered me on the spot. That was another shocker."

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These offers were obviously a surprise for Blacknall but he has already formed a few opinions about the Buckeyes and Seminoles.
"Ohio State speaks for itself," he said. "It's a great school. They're one of the big dogs in college football and I think what Urban Meyer is doing at that school is really great. I just know they're going to be good and I love the school.
"When it comes to Florida State, I had no idea that they even knew about me," Blacknall laughed. "I've never received a letter from them, had any contact with the coaches and nobody from Florida State has been to my school like Michigan, Ohio State and everyone else. I've never had a chance to meet anyone from Florida State in person. Today was the first time I had met anyone from Florida State, even through the phone, and it was just like 'Wow I guess they did know about me.' I honestly don't know anything about Florida State yet but as this process goes along I'm sure I will learn a lot."
Blacknall is itching to take some visits.
"I haven't been to any school except Pittsburgh and Rutgers," he said. "I plan to get out more when the spring hit, I'm anxious right now. I will probably visit Florida State during the summer. I have so many visits to take I probably won't even have a summer because I'll be on the road so much."
At this time, Blacknall is unsure of when he will cut down his list.
"The way these offers are coming in, I don't have a timeline right now," said Blacknall. "A big school could come in and change everything. I'm just letting it all come to me at this point."
Last season, Blacknall racked up 40 receptions for over 740 yards and 16 touchdowns.