Big day for 2015 OL Burrell

It's hard to remember one player getting more BCS offers in one day than Matthew Burrell did yesterday. The offensive lineman from Fredericksburg (Va.) Chancellor has a total of 12 offers right now with three schools throwing their names into the hat yesterday.
"I feel ecstatic and wonderful," said the 6-foot-5, 275-pound Burrell. "It's really a blessing. It was a great experience. I was more and excited than nervous. I haven't been this happy in a very long time."
Burrell had a good feeling that it was going to be a good day.

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"I went to bed last night really excited because I knew that Alabama was going to be at the school early," he said. "I went to school and I was walking down the hall and saw the Alabama guys near the office. After class I asked my coach how it went and he said that Alabama offered me.
"I really like the tradition," Burrell said. "When you hear Alabama you think Nick Saban, you think offensive linemen, you think NFL, you think rings and you think national championships. You think about everything about a powerhouse collegiate program. When I think about all that it makes me hungry and excited.
"I went back to class," he said. "I was already pumped for the day and I thought the day was over when it came to colleges. Maybe an hour later, my coach told me West Virginia showed up. He said they were very impressed also. He wants me to call this week to see about an offer.
"I went back to class again, thinking no more colleges would be coming through but Wisconsin came by," said Burrell. "I went and saw my coach again after class and he said that Wisconsin offered also. I said wow and we started talking about how they've been to the last three Rose Bowl's and produce great offensive linemen.
"I thought my day was over after that," he said. "I went through the rest of the day and came home and played around with my little brother. I called a Ohio State coach and we talked for a while. I asked him if I had a scholarship offer and he laughed and said we wouldn't be talking if I didn't. That sent me through the roof. I probably won't sleep tonight. I know they went 12-0 last year and feel like they can compete for the national championship. I know they have a very strong offensive line. It's Ohio State, they have a lot of tradition."
With such an amazing day behind him, it's hard to believe things can get much better for Burrell. Plenty more big time BCS schools are very interested.
"Michigan, Miami, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Florida State has been sending a lot of Facebook messages. I'm not sure which school will offer next but if I had to guess, I'd bet on Oklahoma of Florida State. The Oklahoma coach said an offer might be coming soon when he was at the school. I have a good relationship with every school right now. I'm just trying to keep working, get stronger and stay focused. I'm ready to compete and get more."
Burrell has some plans for the rest of this offseason but nothing is set in stone yet.
"I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a lot of visits coming up. I thinking the main visits are going to be North Carolina, Penn State in the fall and possibly Florida State at some point. After today, I think Alabama will be in that mix also."
Burrell has offers from Clemson, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech and others.