Big 2014 WR getting noticed

At 6-foot-5 and 215-pounds, rising junior Mike Gesicki of Manahawkin (N.J.) Southern Regional is one of the more intriguing recruits from the Garden State in his class. Relatively new to the game, Gesicki has the potential to play a couple of positions and actually may have the option of playing a couple of sports.
"Early recruiting is going phenomenal," said Gesicki. "Nothing is official yet, but it has been going great."
Gesicki is actually receiving recruiting interest for both football and basketball at this time.

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"Penn State is definitely showing the most interest for football and Rutgers for basketball," he said. "For football I've also heard from Delaware, Temple and Stanford and I've received camp information from many, many schools."
During the summer Gesicki did attend two camps.
"I went to Stanford and Penn State," he said. "Both were great. I love both of them."
Penn State has made a favorable early impression on Gesicki, so what are his thoughts on all of the recent occurrences at the university?
"It doesn't affect me in any way, shape or form," he said. "They're still a tremendous football powerhouse and they offer a phenomenal education."
One connection Gesicki has to Penn State is Glenn Carson, who graduated from Southern Regional and is now a linebacker for the Nittany Lions.
"I've been in contact with Glenn many times about football and about recruiting," said Gesicki. "He's a great role model that has been in the position I am currently in and it helps to talk to someone to know what to expect."
Since he is being recruited for both football and basketball, Gesicki was asked if he currently has a preference.
"I'm still deciding between the two and I have time, so I will utilize that time to make an important decision between the two," he said.
At his size, Gesicki may also have a decision to make on the football field between wide receiver and tight end.
"I think that my size can just make me a much better wide receiver," he said. "I'm tall, strong and athletic with very little experience at the position so I believe that my journey at becoming my best is just beginning. So I'd rather play wide receiver, but if getting on the field meant playing tight end, I'd definitely do it."
Having only taken up football in the 8th grade and being new to the wide receiver position, Gesicki has taken his off-season seriously.
"I've gained 20 pounds since the end of basketball season and I'm getting bigger, stronger and faster," he said. "This is only going to be my second season as a wide receiver. I used to play quarterback, so I just want to become a great route runner, catch everything that is thrown my way and help the team win."