Big 2012 Michigan WR thinking visits

College coaches will be watching East Lansing (Mich.) junior Efe Scott-Emuakpor closely this fall after the wide receiver's breakout sophomore season. High school defensive coordinators are also aware of the 6-5, 180-pound talent, though, and are constructing game plans to stop him.
Scott-Emuakpor totaled 64 receptions for 774 yards and four touchdowns last fall. He kicked off his junior campaign this past weekend by overcoming double and triple teams to record four catches for 45 yards. The attention paid to Scott-Emuakpor, however, helped the wide receiver opposite him generate eight catches for 114 yards and ultimately helped East Lansing to a 21-13 win over Haslett.
"On offense I was mainly a decoy," Scott-Emuakpor said. "We tried lots of things to get me the ball - tried putting three receivers on one side and isolate me on the other side - but I was dealing with double coverage and triple coverage most of the game.

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"It's something I have to get used to. Last year I was a sophomore and under the radar. Now everyone knows about me so I have to get used to the physical play and jersey grabbing."
Scott-Emuakpor also drew two pass interference calls, including one in the end zone. He added six tackles to his stat line on the defensive side of the football.
Scott-Emuakpor is also a talented basketball player for East Lansing, and has spent his last few off-seasons playing high school and AAU basketball games. He partook in football combines his past spring, however, and got a taste for his college potential in that sport.
Schools like Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Purdue, Tennessee, Texas A&M, UCLA and USC started sending Scott-Emuakpor mail back in the spring. He used his time off this summer to make unofficial visits to places like Central Michigan, Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame. He showed up unannounced at Michigan and Notre Dame and did not meet with their coaching staffs, but did tour the campuses.
"Notre Dame was really sweet," Scott-Emuakpor said. "I didn't talk to any of the coaches, but I went around the campus and they have a pretty nice tradition there."
Scott-Emuakpor also had hoped to make visits to Cincinnati and Iowa, but was unable to fit those trips into his schedule. He plans to make several game day visits to colleges this fall.
"I know for sure I will be at Michigan State games. I think I might try to see a Central Michigan and a Northwestern game," he said. "I don't have anything set up yet and I haven't really thought about that yet. I've been focused on our season, but September's right around the corner. I might start thinking about that stuff and start calling coaches."
East Lansing continues their season this Thursday when they play host to Jackson High.