Big 12 teams looking at Oklahoma TE

Midwest City, Okla., three-star tight end Bradley Dedeaux has been waiting to see what's going to happen with Oklahoma and a possible scholarship offer before he got too, too serious about the recruiting process.
He's already waited a little while, and it looks like he's going to wait a little longer, despite getting even more attention from other Big 12 programs.
"I've talked to Oklahoma on the phone, but not in about a week," Dedeaux, who is 6-foot-2 and 238 pounds, said. "They called me last week, but I wasn't home, and I haven't heard back from them since. They told me I had an offer if I qualified, so I kind of expect one to come soon."
That offer would come from Oklahoma assistants Jackie Shipp and Kevin Sumlin. Dedeaux found out last week that he did actually pick up the test score on his ACT to become academically eligible.
"The way things are going, I'm not sure how long the recruiting process will last," Dedeaux said. "If Oklahoma doesn't offer it could be short, but if they do it will probably take a little longer for me to decide."
Dedeaux said Kansas has really began to step up the attention on him. KU defensive coordinator Bill Young visited Dedeaux's school on Monday and asked if he could come by the house some time soon.
"Coach Young from Kansas came by my school today, and he was telling me how they need a tight end," Dedeaux said.
"He just wanted to know what the deal with me was. Where I was at with everything and then let me know what would happen if I went to Kansas. Coach Young tried to set up an in-home visit for (Monday night), but my parents weren't here so I wanted to set one up later in the recruiting season."