Big 12 interest coming for Jones

San Antonio (Texas) East Central dual-threat quarterback Jeremy Jones has picked up a hand full of early offers and is hoping to add a few more.
Most recently New Mexico joined the mix, and he has made the rounds to a few June summer camps.
"I went to North Texas and Rice because they offered and I liked their coaches" Jones said. "Then I went to Baylor's and K-state's and then I went to UT's but it wasn't like last year. Last year I went to like 12 camps in 10 days."
One camp performance he is particularly proud of was his trip to Kansas State.
"I ran my best forty. I ran a 4.56. I've never run that fast before," Jones said. "They wanted me to come down so they could see me along with some other quarterbacks they were looking at, and then I talked coach yesterday and he told me I was the best one there he thought."
He has not received an offer from the Wildcats, but he is hopeful he will receive news in the next week. It may not hurt that he has current Kansas State commitment and close friend C.J. Reese of San Antonio (Texas) Madison in his corner talking to coaches as well as trying to recruit the standout quarterback.
In addition to Kansas State he also hopes to hear some news from Baylor, and regardless of what he hears from either team he has plans to make a decision in the not too distant future.
"I want to for sure without a shadow of a doubt want to commit before my senior season," Jones said. "Right now I'm just waiting on K-state to see what they're going to do."
Out of his current offers he is not ready to name any leaders, but there are a few good reasons he hopes to put the recruiting process in the past before the start of the 2013 season.
"We have goals for a state championship and we have a brand new coach here and I just want to focus on that," Jones said.
Currently Jones is a three-star prospect and ranked No. 81 in the Texas Spring Top 100.