Big 12 battle for California CB

Compton, Calif., three-star cornerback Anthony Wright has a pretty impressive list of scholarship offers, and after spending some time at a few camps this summer, he's starting to think about what schools might and might not get official visits.
"Cal starting texting me after went to their camp," Wright said. "They've been sending me a lot of mail since then. Washington is sending things and so is LSU along with all the schools I already have offers from."
"I'm starting to like Colorado University a lot. I'm not sure why, but I'm feeling them right now. I want to take a trip there and talk to them in person before doing anything but they're recruiting me the hardest and I like what I've heard so far. After Colorado, I like Baylor, San Diego State and Nebraska."
Wright said he impressed at Cal's camp, but he was also disappointed he didn't walk away with any post-camp honors.
"I felt like I should have won MVP of the camp," he said. "I'm pretty upset I didn't get it. You know when you feel like you deserve something you don't get? A lot of people were surprised I didn't win it. Since the camp their running back coach has been sending me a ton of mail. I've gotten five things from them the past week so I think they were pretty impressed with me."
Wright, who doubles as a running back for his team, was originally kind of cool about the idea of playing defense, but now he's more and more open to the idea.
"I'm thinking I like the idea of playing defense," he said. "Some teams are talking about running back and others are talking about cornerback, but I think most of them want me to be an athlete to see where I am the best fit. Right now I'd rather play defense. I just like it better."
And where he plays defense at, is still up in the air. As you can tell, Wright is high on Colorado, but he also has another school he wants to visit.
"I know I'll take visits to Nebraska and Colorado," Wright, who is 6-foot and 180 pounds, said.
"Those are the only two I know of right now. They both want me to come in for a visit and I've told them I would. I'm going to wait and see how the visits go. If I feel like I find the school for me I'm just going commit. I'm not going make a decision until I take a couple visits, but if I find the place for me I'll go ahead and decide."