Bennett not shying away from attention

It’s official – Rivals.com AMP is a hit. Just ask five-star tight end Martellus Bennett of Alief (Texas) Taylor about the new feature (http://amp.rivals.com/amp.asp) from Rivals.com about how cool it is.
“When do I get to be on AMP,” Bennett, the nation’s No. 6 player and No. 1 tight end, said. “You all need to come do something on me, because that AMP stuff is really cool.”
What’s far from cool is Bennett’s recruiting.

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Despite making an early oral commitment to Miami, Bennett, who is 6-foot-7 and 237 pounds, said he expects his phone to be ringing off the hook today – the first day that college coaches can call him.
“I’m thinking about taking a couple of other visits,” Bennett said.
“LSU and Texas are for sure going to get some visits. I might also go visit A&M. Obviously, I’m going to visit Miami. That’s the school I’m committed, too.
“I might also go on some other basketball visits. I might go check out Arizona since they’re recruiting me in both sports, and my boy Jermichael Finley is heading up there.”
Bennett, the top player in Texas, started his season off like you would expect somebody that is the top player. He helped his team to a big victory last Friday night with two touchdowns and countless pancakes in the running game.
“We were up 35-0 after 14 plays,” Bennett said. “Then after that, we basically shut it down. I had two touchdown catches, and then I started going out there pancaking people. I pancaked somebody on every play.”