Benn talks Miami-FSU

Washington (D.C.) Dunbar wide receiver Arrelious Benn watched the Miami-Florida State game intently, looking to see how he'd potentially fit in each offense. Did the defensive struggle hurt the chances of both teams?
"The game wasn't that exciting offensively," said the 6-foot-2, 210-pounder. "There were some moments where things clicked, but both teams struggled a bit."
Florida State was a lock to receive an official visit from Benn before the game but Miami was on the bubble. What did he think of the 'Canes?
"I didn't really like their offense," he said. "They didn't pass enough and when they did they struggled. I'm not sure I'm a fit for that offense but I still haven't eliminated them. I'm still thinking about a visit."
Miami threw the ball 27 times in the game and completed 18 but the average yards-per-completion was 4.9. FSU wasn't much better with a 5.5 yards-per-completion average with 16 completions in 32 attempts.
"A lot of it was the defenses," he said. "They have great pass rushes and good secondaries. I know Florida State spreads things out a little more but this game was more conservative it seemed on both sides. it doesn't affect my feelings about FSU."
Benn is visiting the school many feel is his favorite, Notre Dame, this upcoming weekend as the Irish host Penn State. He's also set to take an official visit to Illinois on Sept. 22 for their game against Iowa. He's also sure he'll visit Florida State and will probably take an official visit to Maryland as well.
"Florida State will probably be in October (Oct. 20) against Boston College," he said. "I can't see a date before that. And I was at Maryland this past weekend and got to hang out more with Josh Portis and he's cool. Maryland wants me to take an official visit so I can see what it's like there on campus and to hang with the players."
Benn is excited about his visit to Notre Dame.
"I've been there a couple of times but this is a full weekend and a game weekend," he said. "I think I'm being hosted by Demetrius Jones. I'm looking forward to taking everything in and it's my birthday on Friday so I'm going to celebrate it in South Bend."
Is there a timetable for his decision?
"No, not now," he said. "I don't know what I'm going to do. I honestly have no clue, I'm as confused as I've been. I'm hoping the visits will sort things out."
Benn needs to decide by the middle of December in order to enroll someplace in January of 2007. As for his day on Sept. 1 when college coaches could call, it was a bit crazy.
"There were a lot of calls," he laughed. "Some schools I'm not even looking at. Coach Tressel (Ohio State) called at like 7AM on Friday and Alabama called out of the blue but I didn't pick up. I'm trying to keep my list narrow, not add to it."
Benn's first game was postponed because of the hurricane that rolled through Virginia and D.C. last week.