Benn changes timetable

Washington (D.C.) Dunbar wide receiver Arrelious Benn stated last week that he was going to announce his decision on Sept. 8, his birthday, and that he was 70-percent sure that it would be Notre Dame. Now things have changed.
"I'm going to wait and take my time some more," said the 6-foot-2, 210-pounder. "I need to take my official visits before I decide. I don't want to rush into anything. If it's going to be Notre Dame, I need to make sure that's the right place. I think by taking my officials I can make a better decision."
Benn, ranked as the No. 19 player in the country, will visit three schools.

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"I'm going to Notre Dame, Illinois and Florida State," he said. "Notre Dame is still No. 1, Illinois is No. 2 and Florida State is No. 3. Maryland is still in there as well. I don't need to take an official there though. I've been there a lot."
Benn isn't sure of the dates, but he would like to see Notre Dame play Michigan on Sept. 16.
"That would be a great game to attend," he said. "But I'm not sure yet. I'll work that out with all three schools. I want to see each place on gameday, meet the players and check out the quarterbacks at Illinois and Florida State. I know Jimmy Clausen so I know what he's about but I want to see Isiah Williams at Illinois and the quarterbacks at Florida State."
Benn's initial hope of deciding on Sept. 8 was a bit ambitious.
"I've got the time so I'm going to use it to my advantage," he said. "I'll probably decide in late October now. It would have been nice to do it on my birthday but I'll know a lot more if I wait and see how the teams look in person."
And does Notre Dame still have 70-percent of his attention?
"I don't want to put percentages on it," he said. "That got me a lot of phone calls. This will too I'm sure, but I'm just saying Notre Dame is first, Illinois is second, FSU is third and Maryland is still in there."