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Belleus confused about top five

Talk about being busy. Not only did Dodge City (Kan.) Community College four-star cornerback Walner Belleus visit one school last week, he visited two and that was coming off another visit just days before that. Confused yet? Don’t worry, so is Belleus.
“Since I’m going to graduate here in December and sign in a couple of weeks, I had to cram everything into a few weeks,” Belleus said “I had to take all of my visits in a three week time period.”
So his adventure began back on November 21, when he flew to visit South Florida. Belleus said he liked the visit back home to Florida, and that the Bulls are definitely still on his list. But that was just stop No. 1.
Instead of staying in Florida with his family for Thanksgiving, Belleus then hitched a plane from Dodge City to Arizona State for a visit on November 28. He gave the facilities very high marks at Arizona State and he liked the fact that he could probably see the field quickly at ASU.
“I then returned home from Arizona State and last Wednesday, I flew up to Illinois for another official visit,” Belleus said. “It was a good time, and the coaches up there are pretty good, too. I then got on a plane from Illinois and flew to Iowa for my last official visit.
“The players were really nice up there too and I also liked how I could get on the field quickly there.”
But in the end, with the visits so crammed into each other Belleus said many of them have blended in with each other.
“They’re all about the same,” he said. “It’s going to come down to playing time for me, and I’m going to look hard at the head coaches and what I got from talking to them.”
With the five visits already taken, that means a scheduled visit to Kansas State isn’t on the schedule anymore. Belleus said he talked to the Wildcats two weeks ago and they told him that they were no longer interested in him because they gotten a junior college corner commitment.
“I’m going to think things over pretty hard this week and then make my decision some time next week,” Belleus said.