Bellamy looking to impress this fall

Indianapolis (Ind.) Brebuef Jesuit three-star running back LeVante Bellamy knows the key to jump-starting his recruitment is getting off to a fast start this season.
The 5-foot-9, 180-pound Bellamy holds four scholarship offers, but he expects more schools to be watching the first few games of his senior season closely.
"Kentucky, Louisville, Notre Dame, Mizzou and Iowa I am in regular contact with," Bellamy said. "I will probably be at a Mizzou and an Iowa game real soon. I want to make sure everything is stable with football first, then I'll start making some trips."
Out of those five, the school Bellamy believes may be the most interested at this stage is Louisville, and he is equally interested in the Cardinals.
"It's not too far from home, I can go there, play ball and just be me," he said. "They tell me I am a high priority and I fit well with their system. We'll see where it goes from there"
Missouri assistant Cornell Ford recruits Bellamy for the Tigers, and the Indianapolis native is encouraged by the increase in attention he has received from them.
"It's picked up a lot, they just want to see the first games to make sure they're not putting their hopes into somebody who can't change the program around," Bellamy said.
Bellamy has some questions about Iowa's program, which is why he is looking to attend a game there this fall.
"I have been keeping in good contact with them too," Bellamy said. "I think I would be more of a slot for Iowa because they like big running backs."
Bellamy heads into his senior season after rushing for 2,360 yards and 38 touchdowns as a junior.