Bell rings up offers from MU, UofA

Belton, Texas, is home to one of the fastest rising defensive line prospects in the Lone Star State. And in case you haven’t heard of William “Bill” Bell yet, you’re going to need to learn his name because on film review he’s a play-maker and a star in the making.
“I’m aggressive,” Bell, who is 6-foot-4, 225 pounds and has been clocked at 4.55 seconds in the 40-yard dash, said. “I attack the ball. I basically use the kill the guy with the ball technique.”
It works.

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Bell, who has a 270-pound bench-press, 410-pound squat and a 30.5-inch vertical, earned second-team all-district honors as a junior and should be one of the best in the state in the Class of 2004.
Bell is such a versatile athlete that he could continue to get bigger and play on the inside in the future, but with his quickness off the edge he’s built best for now to play defensive end.
“I’m focused on defensive end,” he said. “But I could play about every position. I play noseguard now, but I could play anywhere. When I play noseguard, I’m just so much quicker than the guys across from me. It helps me clog up the middle on the run plays and then get after the quarterback.”
When it comes to recruiting, Bell said he never expected to see people making such a big fuss over him.
“It’s something that I’ve been waiting for, but I never knew that the coaches would know this much about me,” he said. “It’s coming fast, for sure.”
Arizona, Texas A&M and Missouri have already called Bell this May and he has already earned scholarship offers from Missouri and Arizona.
“Those are the two that have been recruiting me the hardest,” he said. “I’ve had a couple come by the school, too. But I’m not sure who they were. I’m a Texas boy and kind of grew up watching the Texas teams on TV, so that might be something I would love to do.
“But if a school gives me a chance, then I’m going to give them a chance.”
Bell said the perfect school will have a good academic support program and a coach that’s disciplined.
“I want to get a good education and if I can win some football games, that’ll be great, too,” he said.