BC early offer for Pennsylvania ATH

After attending two camps this summer at Boston College and Purdue, athlete Jared Bradley walked away with an offer from one of them.
"I'm honored to be offered by Boston College," he said. "I was one of their top recruits already and worked my tail off at camp to get that offer. They play good team sin the ACC and it would be real honor to play against those teams like Virginia, Virginia Tech and Florida State.
"I liked both camps I attended. Purdue was really spaced out and there were no distractions there. They also just put in a new cafeteria and dorms that were nice. I went into the city at Boston College and that was really good. They have a well put together campus that is really nice."
Besides Purdue and Boston College, Bradley is also very interested in Michigan, Virginia Tech, Syracuse and Minnesota.
"I like all of them a lot," he said. "I was at Michigan's camp last year and I liked it there and then I was at Virginia Tech's two years ago. Both campuses were really nice. Syracuse and Minnesota are showing a lot more interest and I know they are really good schools and I'm interested to find out more about them."
Bradley is preparing to make a decision sometime during the season.
"I'll probably decide in the middle of the season because I want to take everything in," he said. "I don't want to make a quick decision and then regret it later."
Even if he hasn't figured out exactly when he wants to decide, the prospect knows what position he's interested in playing.
"I'm getting recruited on both sides of the ball either at linebacker or running back," he said. "I'd prefer to play running back because I've always been playing the halfback position. I haven't played linebacker that long."
Bradley ran for 1,250 yards and 20 touchdowns as he was named first team all-Delco and all-central league. What is he hoping to do this year?
"I'm hoping for at least 2,000 yards and over 25 touchdowns. I'd also like to be all-state up for some other awards."