Baylor not waiting on Kinne

Though a decision only seemed less than a month away, it appears G.J. Kinne hasn't moved his process along fast enough for one his finalists.
Baylor, who is a co-leader along with Florida, and their coaches have told the 6-foot-2, 207-pound three-star quarterback that he apparently didn't decide soon enough. Kinne says that they are now going to recruit other quarterbacks rather than wait on him for a decision.
"They just told me that they're looking somewhere else," Kinne said. "I don't know if I can still commit or what. I still like Baylor and am considering them but I think they're just tired of waiting on my commitment."
Kinne has been in Waco this past week visiting his dad, Gary Joe Kinne, who is a linebacker's coach at Baylor. That gave him the chance to speak with coach Guy Morriss about the recent development in recruiting.
Kinne mentioned that coach Morriss said a lot of quarterbacks were not highly interested in Baylor thinking that he was a lock to head to Waco.
"A lot of quarterbacks were scared off of my being the No. 1 guy, so I guess I'm not anymore," Kinne said.
Kinne says that the offer, from what he knows, remains on the table and he's keeping the Bears as his choice. However, he also recognizes the similarity between this and another recruiting scenario involving Texas and running back Lennon Creer.
"It's kind of like the Creer thing I guess," he said. "They gave him a deadline and he wasn't ready. I don't know if he wanted to commit, if he could. I guess I don't know either."
Kinne has a trip planned to Florida on July 21 which will be his last visit before making a decision. With the recent developments, the Gators have taken the lead.
"I guess Florida is kind of out in front now," he said. "Baylor is putting their preference somewhere else, so I guess Florida has an edge. I feel a lot of pressure. I'm a 17-year-old kid and it's a lot of pressure.
"I just don't know right now."
His decision timeframe looks to be before the summer comes to a close. Kinne says that when it feels like the right time, he'll "do it."