Baylor creeping into Willis recruitment

Nate Willis is going to proceed with or without Mississippi State. That's the mindset now, anyway. The Arizona Western Community College cornerback is prepared to make a snap decision, and the Baylor offer he pulled in on Monday only makes it easier.
As Willis sees it, there's no need to trim a list if that list trims itself.
It seems as if the Bulldogs have pulled back their interest in the junior college defensive back in recent days. There has been little contact, no feeler letters and no follow-ups. And now, for whatever reason, the Nov. 15 visit to Mississippi State currently sitting on Willis' calendar is in jeopardy of being erased.

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"I don't know what's going on with Mississippi State," Willis said. "I'm about to drop them from the race. I don't know if they're bringing me in on Nov. 17 or not anymore. I'm trying to figure that out."
Backup plans are already in place. If his trip to Starkville doesn't come to fruition, he'll simply tour the campus of Baylor instead. In his mind, it's all pretty simple. Sleep won't be lost. According to Willis, Bears assistant coach Carlton Buckels did a solid job of piquing his interest during a Monday conversation.
"He just told me that I could come in and make an impact," Willis said. "I watched them a lot when RG3 was there, too. They have a great, explosive offense. That's what I know about Baylor. I watched the defense some, but I'd like to know more."
West Virginia remains the team to beat, however. On Monday, Willis said that in as many words. He's scheduled to visit Morgantown on Dec. 7, but will wait until his Feb. 1 birthday to make a commitment regardless of what he sees there. A possible visit to Kansas State still remains in play as well, but Willis is uncertain as to whether or not that will become reality.
"I might take those other visits in the spring, but I don't really know for sure," he said.
Willis projects as a May junior college graduate. He committed to USF earlier this year, but de-committed from the Bulls as interest in his serves started to gain steam.