Baylis plans summer decision

Evan Baylis is sitting with 10 offers and now that he's in lacrosse season the Aurora (Colo.) Grandview tight end is focused on that and will let recruiting take care of itself later.
The 6-foot-5, 225-pound prospect said he'd like to make his college decision by early summer but he hasn't narrowed down his list much yet. After lacrosse, Baylis will put his focus on his football recruiting and should make a commitment before his senior season.
"It's really exciting to have these offers and have my pick of where I want to be so that's fun," Baylis said.

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"I'm playing lacrosse right now so I'm just going through this season, I'm playing that, and it will depend on how we do in the playoffs to see when I can do some spring and summer stuff. I was going to do some more visits and I was thinking about some camps but I'm not sure."
So far, Baylis has visited Boise State, Colorado, Colorado State, Michigan, Oregon and Stanford. All those programs except for Oregon have offered and Baylis also has Indiana, Arizona, Duke, UCLA and Utah on his offer list.
The Grandview standout said he's started to slowly narrow down his list a little bit but feels no pressure to get anything done soon.
He has already taken a bunch of visits so has a good grasp of what he likes and doesn't like and then over the next few months he'll be able to sit down and get his list of favorites together.
Baylis doesn't see any reason why he shouldn't be able to make his decision this summer.
"They're all really good places," Baylis said. "They all have good academics. Some of them have great academics like Stanford. All of them are really good school-wise and they help you out after college.
"I got up to 10 offers a week or two ago. It's kind of recently that I've started to think about narrowing it down. Most of the schools are sticking around like Colorado, Boise State, Indiana, Michigan, Oregon, Stanford and UCLA. Most of them are sticking around so there aren't many changes."