Batchelor takes in vacation, camps

Haleyville (Ala.) offensive tackle Heath Batchelor received his first offer from Troy some time ago and if you ask him today about when his next may come, he'll tell you he's still satisfied with just one.
Though Batchelor is not claiming a favorite, the 6-foot-7, 285-pound player is likes the idea of having an offer in the books and is not the type to get greedy for more. However, he did use time on a family trip to check out a few schools and participate in a few camps.
"Well, we were headed down to Florida for a family vacation," Batchelor said. "We took in the Georgia Tech camp and the Auburn camp. We kind of got rained out at the Georgia Tech camp but they went well."

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"Both schools said they were going to keep recruiting me hard. Plus I'm going to send them some more tape in a little while."
Batchelor has no set date for a decision and hasn't yet thought about upcoming official visits. He has taken a look at the Troy campus while on a trip somewhat accidentally.
"While we were driving we got on this road that happened to right through where the Troy campus is so we just walked around a little bit and checked it out," Batchelor said. "It seemed real nice there."
One thing that could come in to play would be distance from home. Batchelor explained that he doesn't care really either way. However, his mother would like her son to be near for his college years.
"She says she would like something close but wherever I choose she would be happy with for the most part," he said. "It's really cool to think about it. It's a great feeling to be wanted like this."