Bass waiting things out

The offers remain the same and so does the story for defensive end Ben Bass.
So far, Texas A&M, Colorado, Ole Miss, and Oklahoma State have sent offers for the 6-foot-4, 257-pound offensive/defensive lineman. His leader remains the Longhorns, but the rest of his top group has shifted since last speaking with the North Texas product.
"My top schools right now are Texas in front and then A&M, Oklahoma State, and LSU," Bass said. "Texas wants me to come to their camp this summer before they offer. LSU has been in steady contact with me, but they haven't said anything about an offer."

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As for the next travel plans, a few combines and camps including the NIKE Training Camp in College Station is all that he has planned. The Texas camp is the only team camp that he knows he will make.
Bass who projects at different spots throughout the offensive and defensive line, will not wait around too long to make a decision.
"I'll have something made before my senior year stars," Bass said. "I'm not going to wait around or anything."