Bass has solid top five

The majority of Ben Bass's high school career has been about the offensive line, but if it were up to him, he'd spend his college days playing defense. With numerous offers and many schools giving him a choice, it looks like the talented prospect from Plano (Texas) West will get that opportunity.
The 6-foot-4, 263-pounder recently picked up his next offer to go along with a stack of others from Nebraska. Bass says that while he's impressed with every new offer, there is a pretty solid group of favorites that are standing out. His late summer decision is coming and the following schools appear to have the jump on everyone else.
"Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, and LSU are the ones that I like the most," Bass said. "LSU hasn't offered yet, but they told me to come down to their camp and see what they're all about. They just said that they like to see everybody up close before they make an offer."

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Bass, who prefers defense, says he's getting the choice to play at the majority of the schools.
"I just like reacting to the play and getting to the quarterback," Bass said. "You could say that I like to attack."
While Bass says that he's looking to decide just before the season kicks off this fall, he's not going to rush things just to commit. In fact, one major factor will go into his decision.
"It's all about comfort level with me," Bass said. "It's going to be how I feel when I walk on campus, how I feel about the players, the team, coaches, facilities, and all of that together. It will be that feeling that pushes one team over the top."
As for what's coming up, Bass says he's going to also try not only see LSU, but also Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M for another trip.
"I've been to A&M before," Bass said. "I would just like to go check out the dorms and that kind of stuff on another trip."