Barrent one of Iowas best

When discussing the top player in Iowa, it's not too often that West Des Moines (Iowa) Valley offensive tackle David Barrent's name comes up. But maybe it should.
Throughout the nation, many amazing looking players have attended the Rivals.com Five-Star Academy events.
But when Barrent walked through the door at two weeks ago at Michigan State, he was one of the most put together players so far on the tour. Barrent measured in at 6-foot-7 ½ and 290 pounds, plus he looked like he had a frame that could easily hold another 20 pounds and still look great.

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"I think I have some athleticism," Barrent said. "I used to play basketball and sports like that have helped my quickness. I try to speed train as much as I can. I use my quickness on the line, along with some power, too."
Barrent said he's happy with where he's at now physically, but isn't totally satisfied.
"I'm hitting the weight room really hard now," he said.
"We go four times a week, and I try to get in on the weekends once a week. I also go to Acceleration Iowa. It's like a program that helps you get even more trained. I'm doing that three times a week, so I'm trying to get a lot faster and a lot stronger. Right now, doing track it's got me off track a little bit because I'm throwing, but I'm still working hard to get ready."
Helping cement Barrent's stock as one of the state's best is also an impressive offer list.
"I've got six offers now," he said. "I've got offers from Iowa, Iowa State, Northwestern, Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan State. It's a lot of fun to see what's going on."
The two in-state schools definitely have something positive to offer Barrent.
"I really like Iowa because they've talked to me the longest," Barrent said. "They started sending me stuff at the beginning of last season. I went to a couple of their games, so I know the coaching staff really well. It's just a really nice place. I just have always kind of liked Iowa growing up.
"With Iowa State, I really like how they have more of a family type atmosphere with their coaching staff. I actually like stuff like that. It's really become comfortable to me."
The out of state schools are also right in the thick of things.
"I made a visit to the University of Illinois and looked at the academic facilities and everything," Barrent said. "I went to the engineering college to meet up with them and stuff. I talked to one of the coaches and saw one of their early morning speed workouts, agility drills in their indoor.
"I've been up to Northwestern, and I'm making another visit up there soon. I kind of like what they have to offer at Michigan State. I like their campus and I really like their engineering program and the coaches. It sounds like a real good deal all around."