Bama offers Booth

Rivals250 wide receiver Dominique Booth is utilizing his spring break to see eight schools in as many days. On Monday he stopped at Alabama, a visit that brought about an offer from the national champions.
"When I went in I wasn't really looking to get offers out of the trip, but it was nice getting the offer yesterday and also seeing everything," Booth said. "It was a lot more than I thought it was going to be, actually.
"Everything was incredible. I have never seen anything like that school. The other coaches are all very experienced, and you can tell that by their coaching in practice. The facilities, the people around there… it was all good."

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Booth spent much of his time in Tuscloosa with the wide receivers group, even sitting in on a positional meeting. He also received feedback on what it was about his own game that Alabama felt fit well with their system.
"When I went in to talk with Coach, he said, 'I love your film. You're big, you're physical and putting the body with the film is definitely impressive because you're quick on film,'" Booth said. "He said he really liked my potential and really would like me to play for them."
Prior to Alabama, Booth had stopped at Mississippi and Mississippi State and he was headed into a visit with Florida State on Tuesday morning. The Seminoles had already offered, and this was Booth's first time visiting their campus.
"This is my first school in the ACC I have ever been to, so I am looking forward to seeing what's different in the ACC [compared] to the Big Ten, SEC and Big 12," Booth said. "I'm looking forward to seeing something different and seeing how they do things. I'm looking forward to talking football with them and talking academics."
Booth will finish out his tour with stops at Georgia, N.C. State, Virginia Tech and Tennessee on successive days, starting Wednesday. He currently holds 22 scholarship offers with the latest coming from Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Florida State, Boston College and South Florida.