Bama commit holds firm

Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln High offensive guard Cole Harvey committed to Alabama, and he doesn't plan to change his mind.
“I told coaches that I’m firm on my commitment, and I haven’t been bothered too much since then,” Harvey said. “Coach Bob Conley [Alabama offensive line coach] talks to me once a week, and we just kind of check on each other, how everything is going on both sides.”
Harvey’s decision to commit to the Crimson Tide was made largely on comfort and that feeling that things would work out well for him in Tuscaloosa.

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“Everything just kind of felt right,” he said. “The town there is a lot like Tallahassee, and they have really great facilities. It felt a lot like home.”
Keeping with his closed approach to his pledge, as of now only Alabama will see Harvey on an official visit.
“I’m going to go to Alabama at some point, but I’m not sure when. I’ll probably visit there in late December or January,” Harvey said. “I know a couple people from town that went there, and my parents have been really open with the whole process. They loved Alabama, too, and have been real supportive.”
A self-described “fast, violent,” player, Harvey likes to get off the blocks quickly to overcome what he said is often perceived as a lack of size.
“I’m aggressive, sometimes too aggressive, and I do whatever I need to get the job done,” he said. “I’m a little undersized, and sometimes I have to play hard to make it like a little bigger. That’s why I always liked Jeff Fain, the center for the Browns, so much. He drives his guys off screens so much that you can’t even see them anymore. Warren Sapp does the same thing on the other side, and I really respect that.”