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Baltimore NUC top performers

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BALTIMORE - The National Underclassmen Combine made a stop in Baltimore, Maryland recently and attracted some of the area's best freshman and sophomore talent.
Here is a look at some of the top performers from the combine.
Baltimore NUC Top Performers
Hansen Barrick, OL, Frederick (Md.) Tuscarora
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Barrick was the OL MVP. The 6-foot-6, 312-pound monster used his size to impose his will during the one-on-one drills and is a lineman any QB would love to have on his side.
Justin Brooks, RB, Owings Mills (Md.) McDonogh
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Brooks, a 5-7, 150-pounder was the freshman combine king after a great performance on the field. Brooks had a 31-inch jump-stand vertical while running r a4.43 shuttle and 4.59 40.
Navassa Brown, RB, Reisterstown (Md.) Franklin
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Brown was named freshman combine king. The 5-7.5, 155-pounder had a 32.5-inch jump-stand vertical, 9'1 broad jump and ran a 4.33 shuttle.
Brandon Coleman, WR, Forestville (Md.) Bishop McNamara
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Coleman was the WR MVP. The 6-5.5, 200-pounder had a 29-inch jump-stand vertical, 9'6 broad jump, and will be a terror for any defensive back due to his great size.
Nickolas Forbes, LB, Frederick (Md.) Thomas Johnson
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Forbes earned the LB MVP. The 6-0, 215-pound Forbes had a 34-inch jump-stand vertical, 9'8 broad jump, ran a 4.42 shuttle and bench pressed 155 pounds 32 times.
Josh Furman, LB, Millersville (Md.) Old Mill
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Furman was crowned combine king after a dazzling day on the football field. The 6-1, 183-pounder had an unbelievable 38-inch jump-stand vertical, 10'1 broad jump, ran a 4.41 shuttle, 4.37 40 and bench pressed 155 pounds 22 times. This kid is the total package.
Emmanuel Gbor, RB, Baltimore (Md.) Eastern Tech
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Gbor, a 5-11, 163-pounder was the RB MVP. Gbor ran a 4.48 in the shuttle and 40 as well as had an 8'10 broad jump.
Troy Gloster, LB, Wheaton (Md.) Good Counsel
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Gloster, a 5-10, 205-pounder was the LB MVP. Gloster ran a blazing 4.29 shuttle and bench pressed 155 pounds 30 times.
Kortlan Jackson, DL, Washington (D.C.) St. John's College High
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Jackson (6-1.5/280) was the DL MVP. Jackson bench pressed 185 pounds 18 times and displayed good agility.
Kevin Johnson, CB, Clarksville (Md.) River Hill
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Johnson was named DB MVP. The 5-9, 129-pound Johnson had a 35-inch jump-stand vertical, 9'7 broad jump and ran a 4.21 shuttle.
Jerry Lovelocke, QB, Baltimore (Md.) Edmondson-Westside
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Lovelocke, a 6-3, 182-pounder was the QB MVP. Lovelocke excelled in one-on-one drills and ran a 4.69 shuttle. He also has excellent size for a QB.
Chris Martin, DL, Washington (D.C.) Seed
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Martin, a 6-0, 270-pounder was the DL MVP. Martin displayed great ability in one-on-one drills as well as in the big man challenge.
Andre Monroe, DL, Washington (D.C.) St. John's College High
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Monroe was the winner of the strongest man award. The 5-11, 265-pounder bench pressed 185 pounds 24 times and ran a 4.87 shuttle as well as had a 8'6 broad jump. Nice all-around numbers.
Emanuel Onakoya, RB, Waldorf (Md.) North Point
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Onakoya was crowned freshman combine king after posting stellar numbers on the field. Onakoya had a 30-inch jump-stand vertical and 8'7 broad jump while running a 4.62 shuttle and a 4.49 40. It's scary to think that this kid is only a freshman and should only get better.
Hussam Ouri, DL, Annapolis (Md.) Broadneck
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Ouri, a 6-2, 305-pounder was the combine's strongest man. Ouri bench pressed 185 pounds 31 times and displayed impressive quickness for a player his size as he ran a 4.81 shuttle.
Brandon Pickeral, QB, Indian Head (Md.) Lackey
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Pickeral (5-7.5/143) was the QB MVP. Pickeral had a 8'2 broad jump and ran a 4.77 shuttle. Pickeral will definitely continue to improve.
Vance Roberts, CB, Washington (D.C.) Dunbar
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Roberts was the DB MVP. The 5-7.5, 155-pounder had a 28-inch jump-stand vertical, 8'1 broad jump and excelled in one-on-one drills.
Vernard Roberts, RB, Washington (D.C.) Dunbar
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Roberts, a 5-9, 165-pounder was the combine's MVP. Roberts ran a 4.23 shuttle, 4.61 40 and bench pressed 155 pounds 29 times.
Artie Rowell, OL, Harrisburg (Pa.) Central Dauphin
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Rowell was named freshman MVP after a great day on the field. The 6-2.5, 272-pounder had a 27-inch jump-stand vertical, ran a 4.83 shuttle and bench pressed 155 pounds 30 times.
Arlando Scott, RB, Waldorf (Md.) North Point
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Scott flew right through the combine as he was named the fastest man. The 5-8.5, 170-pounder ran a 4.64 shuttle and a 4.39 40.
E.J. Scott, WR, Wheaton (Md.) Our Lady Of Good Counsel
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Scott was the combine's MVP. The 5-10.5, 165-pounder had a 35-inch jump-stand vertical, 9'3 broad jump and ran a 4.28 shuttle. Impressive numbers for the receiver prospect.
Everett Weldon, WR, Brandywine (Md.) Gwynn Park
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Weldon, a 5-11.5, 154-pounder was the WR MVP. Weldon had a 30-inch jump-stand vertical, 9'4 broad jump and ran 4.28 shuttle. Weldon's speed and leaping ability make him a QB's dream.
Rashad Winston, DL, Highland Springs (Va.) Highland Springs
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Winston, a 6-0.5, 258-pounder was the DL MVP. In addition to excelling in one-on-one drills, Winston ran a 5.04 shuttle and bench pressed 185 pounds 18 times.
Justin Williams, RB, Bel Air (Md.) C. Milton Wright
COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Williams was named RB MVP after posting stellar numbers at the combine. The 5-8, 155-pound Williams had an amazing 36-inch jump-stand vertical, 9'7 broad jump and ran a 4.51 shuttle as well as a 4.4 40.