Ball chooses Badgers

Westerville (Ohio) South's Marcus Ball noted throughout the recruiting process that he had the most transparent view of Wisconsin compared to any other school recruiting him because his brother already played for the Badgers. So on Sunday when Ball made the call to commit to Wisconsin he did so knowing exactly what the program offered.
"Just seeing it with my brother was a first hand relationship most guys don't get to see," Ball said. "We got to see how they act when they [recruited him] and then how they progressively acted when he was committed and up here and it's just been a continually honest relationship with my brother, but also for me as well."
Ball was able to commit to the Wisconsin staff in-person because he was in Madison on an official visit this weekend. The commitment was not assured when Ball began his official visit on Friday, however.

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"Before I committed I made it pretty clear this was where I wanted to be, but I was stuck in a situation where I didn't want to commit and then take an official [elsewhere] because I just feel that is disloyal. I talked to Coach [Bret Bielema] and after that conversation still wasn't committed.
"It wasn't that I was pressured, I just always felt this was a home and they had a lot more structure. But I definitely wanted to check out a lot more places and I have done that."
Ball did have an official visit scheduled to Arizona State for later this month, but that trip is off now and he has no plans to visit any other schools.
"I feel strongly about this place, this is where I want to go and I am in a position where I don't need to see any other schools," Ball said.
Ball's official visit took place during a weekend when Wisconsin hosted previously undefeated Ohio State and took the Buckeyes to overtime. The game atmosphere only served to confirm the strength of his feelings about the Badgers.
"The atmosphere was second to none," Ball said. "It is crazy to see the loyal fans and how they all were being loud. It also was great to see the guys you'll be playing with - whether they are facing adversity or winning the game - those guys are always fighting."
At the end of the weekend, though, it was the culmination of years of recruiting that secured Ball's commitment for Wisconsin.
"It's pretty much the continuing and growing relationships I have established ever since day one," Ball said. "During my sophomore and freshman years going through my brother's experience, the same coaches have always been at my house.
"I think it is a pretty loyal program and those guys worked hard for everything they had. That's something I wanted to be a part of."
Ball has played anything from quarterback to defensive back during his high school career. The 6-foot-3, 205-pound prospect said Wisconsin plans to bring him in for the safety position.