Baldwin focused on this season

All of Rivals100 tight end Jonathan Baldwin's attention is being focused on the upcoming season which begins tonight. Rivals caught up with the 6-foot-6, 233-pounder out of Aliquippa, Pa. to get his thoughts about the season and recruiting.
"I'm working hard getting ready for the season staying after practice," he said. "I think we look pretty good and I think we'll be ready for the game tonight. We've got better quarterbacks than last year and are more focused.
"As for me, I just work hard and try to be the best football player I can be. Other people can determine if they think I've gotten better."
On the recruiting front, Baldwin last mentioned he was hoping to cut his list in down to three in the near future.
"I haven't really gotten a chance to evaluate my options," he said. "I did say I want to get it down to three, but I've got to see which teams I like more to do that whenever I find the time. I'm real busy now watching game film and I think it's going to be awhile."
How will the No. 35 prospect in the nation decipher between his finalists Florida, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Southern Cal to come to three?
"Basically it's going to come down to the school that sends me the most mail and has the most interest in me," he said. "If they don't really have an interest then I'm not thinking about them.
"With visits, I will take them. It's just going to depend on my schedule. I'm hoping I can do some this season."