Bacon open to all programs

Troy Bacon has had a busy summer of performing at camps and combines leading up to his junior season and the Apple Valley, Calif., offensive tackle hopes it pays off.
"It's been going well," Bacon said. "I'm starting to see some more colleges come through the door and they're starting to e-mail more so it's actually going really well.
"I've been busy this summer. I haven't taken it off at all."
The 6-foot-4, 280-pound prospect in the 2014 class said he's unclear whether he has been offered by TCU but he's going through the proper channels to see exactly where he stands with that program.
"It seems like it but we're still looking through it," Bacon said. "We're taking the right steps trying to find out about it."
TCU is showing a lot of early interest and Bacon said Oregon, Oregon State, Cal and Arizona State have also gotten involved.
This summer, the Apple Valley standout said he attended camps at Oregon and USC plus a few other combines.
He's looking for all the opportunities he can find and since the recruitment process has just gotten underway, Bacon said he's keeping everything open.
"All my options are open," Bacon said.
"I'm just looking to get the best education I can for the degree I want. I'm not dedicated to one school and one school only. I'd like to see what all the schools are about and what they have for me."