Back from injury, Harrison set to prove himself

Southern Pines (N.C.) Pinecrest defensive end James Harrison continues to hold one scholarship. However, the 6-foot-3, 245-pounder is back from injury and ready to prove himself to college coaches in hopes of landing more offers.
"I finished rehab with my knee about two weeks ago I think," he said. "It feels really good. I'm starting to run again and I'm almost full go.
"I'm seeing the doctor again on the 19th and that is when they will decide if I'm ready to be cleared.

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"It feels great though. I haven't had any complaints. I'm doing some light squats, leg extensions and rubber band work. I'll be ready to go by summer."
Harrison doesn't plan to do any combines, instead focusing on summer camps.
"I think I may go to Duke's camp this summer and I'll probably work from there," he said. "I've got a few other schools interested, Stanford, NC State and the rest are the same.
"A lot of the schools want to see how I come back and play after the injury."
The only recent visit Harrison has been on was to Duke.
"I went to a few of Duke's practices," he said. "They had their doctor look at me and he said it looked good. They just want me to go to one of their camps to see how I do there.
"I like Duke, it's a nice school. They are really strong in the education part of it and it seems like they are very academically driven with tutors for everything student."
Harrison is looking at a trip to NC State this week, on April 21st for their spring game.