Attention picking up for Louisiana LB

Destrehan, La. outside linebacker Rufus Porter was instrumental in leading his team to an undefeated state championship in Louisiana's biggest classification last season. He now has his first offer in place and is ready to take on the challenge of repeating as state champions.
"I've been lifting weights, trying to get stronger for these players because they're coming out bigger and stronger and I'm trying to eat a lot and lift a lot of weights," Porter said.
At just over 6-feet and 200 pounds, Porter is trying to get up to 210 by the time the season starts. He is also trying to improve his game in a few specific areas.
"I'm trying to get better at my reads," he said. "I'm trying to read the guards and work on my footwork and my tackling."
The 2007 version of Destrehan was a team loaded with four-star talent and major college prospects. While the 2008 team will still have plenty of talent to go around, Porter thinks things may not come quite as easily.
"We're going to have a good season but it's gonna take a lot more work because last year we had athletes and talent and this year it's gonna take a lot more people to step up," he said. "It's gonna take some work but I'm pretty sure we can do it. We can pull it off."
On the recruiting front, Porter has his first offer in, with likely many more to follow.
"Louisiana Tech offered me a scholarship but other than that I'm hearing from Tulane, LSU, Mississippi State and Connecticut. The coach from Kansas, he called not too long ago just asking about me."
While most Louisiana high schoolers grow up bleeding the Purple and Gold of LSU, Porter was more into the Burnt Orange of Texas.
"The team that I like would probably be Texas most likely because that's where I'm from and I'd love to go there, me personally," he said. "I've been a big Texas fan for a while."
Porter moved from Katy, Texas to Louisiana when he was five years old and still visits his father in Texas every summer.
As a player, Porter brings a nose for the ball and tremendous production to the linebacker position.
"Not to brag or anything but the thing that I think is good is that I'm quick and fast and I can get to places faster than others," he said.
Porter hopes to get to at least one school this summer for camp but he hasn't decided where that will be yet.