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Athlete has two offers, but expect more

New Madrid County Central High School in Missouri has a player, that could be one of the more overlooked players in the state and surrounding states.
His name is Desmond Sims. Desmond plays wide receiver and tailback for his team, but he also excels at playing defensive end.
His present size would prevent him from playing defensive end in college, but he might end up playing weakside linebacker or safety for some team. ‘’Mostly I play wide receiver, but I’m the backup tailback too and I play defensive end,” Desmond said. “I have some schools recruiting me that want me to play safety.”
The 6-foot-3, 195 pound player has six touchdowns with four coming as a wide receiver, one rushing touchdown and one on a kickoff return. What is remarkable is that his four receiving touchdowns came on only four receptions. “I had close to 120 yards receiving and all four of the receptions went for touchdowns.’’ No wonder his team is four wins and no losses. His team is mostly a running team.
His defensive statistics are just as outstanding. “I have nine sacks with four in one game and I average about six tackles,” he said. “Most of my tackles are solo tackles.”
“Hurries? I can’t count all of them and tackles for loss – I just don’t know. I had two fumbles caused.”
Are you quick? “A little bit.’’
“Receiver really” is his favorite position, but “I will play anywhere really.’’
“I have offers from Arkansas and Mizzou,’’ Sims said. Arkansas wants him to play wide receiver or safety and Missouri wants him to play wide receiver.
He is getting attention from other schools. “Kansas called and I get letters from Wisconsin and I got letters from Nebraska, but they have never called,’’ he said. He has gotten letters from Illinois too.
Distance a problem? ‘’No sir.”
Parental preference? “No, but my mom would like me to go to Mizzou, as I have a brother at law school there. I’m just trying to find the best school for me.’’
“Well, first it has to be the academic part of it,” he said in reference to what he will be looking for from a program, ‘’and a good football program and a good tradition and everybody works hard to win.”
He will major in business management.
Strong points on the field – “Really, it is my speed (40 yard dash time-4.54 on grass) and my strength (300 pound bench & 535 pound squat) and on defense, it is my quickness coming off of the ball. I can come off of the ball real quick and I anticipate the count real good.”
“Arkansas, Mizzou, maybe Wisconsin, Memphis, and Nebraska” are the schools he would like to visit. He has the opportunity to make official visits to Arkansas and Missouri, but no official visits have been set up yet.