ATH Nixon impressed by MD unofficial

New Haven (Conn.) Hyde Leadership athlete Jamie Nixon took an unofficial visit to Maryland this weekend to witness the Clemson-Maryland game. Did the close game impress the 6-foot-1, 177-pounder with 4.4-second speed?
"It was a good game, but they made a lot of young mistakes at the end that cost them the game," he said. "I was impressed with how young they were and the way they were dominating pretty much the whole game except for errors at the end. I was impressed that they tried to make it interesting. I also liked the noisy, loud and entertaining atmosphere. Throughout the whole game the crowd was doing something and it was fun to watch."
On his visit, the three-star prospect got a chance to talk to coach Sollazzo.
"I talked to him after the game and we went into the weight room, it was a nice one-on-one chat," he said. "He asked me about the game and reminded me that they needed defensive backs and just that he was happy I came down to visit."
Where does the visit put Maryland for Nixon's services?
"I was entertained the whole game and I'm not going to lie. I'd probably say it added another notch to their belt."
Nixon has begun to consider official visits.
"Mainly I'm looking at North Carolina, Rutgers, Penn State, Maryland and probably Virginia with Bruce Campbell," he said. "There are other places I'm looking too, I've still got to check out my schedule and see what works out. Those schools are on me every other day it seems and I like that. I'm also still considering an unofficial to Syracuse some time too."
This week the No. 2 player in New England kicks off the football season.
"I'm just thinking about repeating as champs and getting some of my friends looked at by recruits too," he said. "For the season, I want to break the school rushing record and a couple state records too."
Last season Nixon ran for 650 yards and seven touchdowns and added four interceptions on defense in just four games.