ATH Hears Good News

Buford, Ga. athlete Lorne Sam received the news he wanted to hear this week.
"Florida State said I could play quarterback there," said the 6-foot-3, 180-pounder. "They said they know it's my dream and that if it doesn't work out, I can always move later. That gives me the best of both worlds because I can play QB and play with my brother."
Sam's brother, P.K., is a wide receiver at FSU and is a big part of Sam's interest in the Seminoles. He feels the process is about over.
"I want to talk with the Virginia Tech quarterback coach and wrap this up," he said. "I want to talk with him just to make sure I'm making the right decision. I think I'd be better off redshirting at FSU and learning that way than trying to compete at Virginia Tech right away. I'm about 90-percent sure I'll choose Florida State."
Sam is expected to have an MRI done on his throwing shoulder this week but his doctor has told him it is coming along alot faster than expected. It's supposed to be ready to go.