ATH Caleb down to 10

Midlothian (Va.) Clover Hill athlete Joel Caleb has been very quiet about the recruiting process and hasn't taken many visits yet. However, all of that is about to change as Caleb has named his final 10 and is excited about a trip this weekend.
"I'm going to Georgia this weekend, I get down there Friday, we visit all day Saturday and I'll come home Sunday," said the 6-foot-2, 201-pounder. "I'm looking forward to it. They've had a couple of down years but they look ready to come back. I want to meet the coaches, get a feel for the school and see how interested they are in me. I have never been there so it will be my first visit."
Georgia is one of 10 schools to make the cut for Caleb, who plays quarterback and safety for his school but prefers wide receiver in college.

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"Everyone is recruiting me as a wide receiver," he said. "I prefer to play offense and have the ball in my hands. In addition to Georgia, I also like Florida, LSU, West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Clemson, North Carolina, Florida State and Penn State."
Caleb broke down what he likes about his other nine finalists.
"Florida I've never visited, but they are always in it for a national title and they play a pro-style offense that I think fits me. I've always been a fan of Florida since I was young. LSU I've never been to either but I have seen them on TV and the atmosphere looks great. They let their young guys play, they get the ball in the hands of their best players.
"West Virginia I haven't been to either, but they throw the ball around and Tavon Austin is fun to watch, they get the ball to everyone in the passing game. Tennessee I haven't visited yet either but coach Sirmon got me interested in the school when he came by and I watched them play North Carolina last year and I liked the offense.
"Virginia Tech I've been to a bunch of times. It's close to home, I really like it there and feel comfortable, the atmosphere is good and they treat me well. I think they will pass more now that they've lost a few running backs. Clemson I've never visited but I hear you'll either love it or hate it and I want to see for myself. I spoke to a couple of their commitments out at The Opening and they had really good things to say.
"North Carolina I am waiting on them to see what the NCAA does. I visited there for a game and I liked it and they like big receivers and will pass the ball more I think, but I have to wait and see what the NCAA will do. I liked the atmosphere there though.
"Florida State I haven't visited yet but I think they will run the ACC for the next few years, they are a good program and what Jimbo Fisher has done in such a short time is impressive. They've already turned it around. Penn State I've visited numerous times and I've seen them play against Alabama and the atmosphere is great, I like the program and Joe Paterno is a legend. They do a great job in recruiting."
Caleb would like to visit Clemson before his season starts in addition to his visit to Georgia this weekend and has a few official visits in mind.
"I'd like to take an official to Georgia if things go well this weekend and I'll probably take an official to Florida and possibly Florida State, I'm pretty sure about Florida State but not sure yet. I know I'll visit Virginia Tech again as well but not sure if I need an official there or not. I'd like to take a couple of officials during the season and the rest after and make a decision in January."
Are there any leaders?
"No there aren't," he said. "I am more comfortable with the schools I have visited but that doesn't mean I favor them, I just know more about them. The visits will be important."