ATH Brown one of Cincinnatis finest

Athlete Dominique Brown has been running the offense at Cincinnati's Winton Woods High School for the past two seasons and now the 6-3, 215-pound prospect is starting to rise on the recruiting scene. The hometown Cincinnati Bearcats were the first to offer, but several more programs are showing increased interest.
"UC, Wake Forest, West Virginia and Louisville are looking at me pretty hard," Brown reported. "I've already been to visit UC, I'm supposed to be going to visit Wake Forest, I've already been to Louisville, I want to go to West Virginia, Georgia Tech and Purdue."
Winton Woods has close connections to the University of Cincinnati program. They had three of their seniors sign with the Bearcats earlier this month.

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"Chris Williams and Maalik (Bomar) are working on me hard and want me to come to UC with them," Brown said. "(Cincinnati) said when they offer kids it is mostly as an athlete, but they wanted to let me know they weren't offering me as an athlete, they were offering me as a quarterback and they want me to come to their school to compete for the quarterback position as a true freshman."
With his size, speed and athleticism, Brown could project to several positions at the college level. He strongly prefers to be recruited as a quarterback first, however, and plans to attend the Peyton Manning Camp and the Bishop Dullaghan Camp this summer to work on his passing mechanics.
"I want to stay at quarterback and that's what I hopefully want to go to the NFL for, but if I have to chance positions I'll do what's best for the team," Brown said.
Winton Woods head coach Troy Everhart notes that if Brown does play another position in college, he has the ability to stand out as a linebacker, free safety or even an offensive skill position player.
"He's impressive. He runs people over, he makes people miss and he's got a gear that people can't catch," Coach Everhart said. "I had one coach come in here and say 'Coach, I think he could be a tailback.' He's got great vision and he probably could. He's a great athlete, strong runner."
What makes Brown an even more special prospect according to Coach Everhart is that he is just as impressive off the field as he is on it.
"The kid's a top-notch athlete, a top-notch player and he's even a better person which makes life easy here," Coach Everhart said. "I just know this – he's a guy you take because he isn't going to get in trouble, his grades are good and one of the better kids I've had in the past ten years as far as talent vs. ego."
Growing up, Brown did not have allegiances to any particular school and he did not follow college football that closely. Besides the teams he mentioned, Ohio State and Michigan have each sent coaches to the school. In the end, Coach Everhart feels Brown will likely stay in the Midwest.
"I think a Big Ten (school) is going to offer him, they're all just looking at where are they going to offer him," Coach Everhart said. "His family is very close and if he doesn't pick, say UC for example, it's going to be close. Mom and dad are going to want to see the kid (play)."