Ashcraft building for the future

IRVING, Texas - You wouldn't know it, but Thomas Ashcraft is just a sophomore.
Now, the 6-foot-5, 280-pound 2009 prospect is a part of the varsity offensive line for his Cedar Hill team who is heading to the state finals this weekend in San Antonio, Texas. After beating Garland in the semi-finals, Ashcraft had a hart time describing the feeling of what has taken place this year and what's ahead.
"It's amazing because I'm around these seniors and the guys that have all of this experience," Ashcraft said. "We've never been in this spot before and here I am, a sophomore, right along side guys like William Cole and John Jones.
"It's a pretty great feeling."
Ashcraft, though several years away from the recruiting process, says that he's already thought a little bit about recruiting. Schools like Texas and Oklahoma come to mind when he talks about where he might like to play.
"Really all the Big 12 schools are what I'm looking at," Ashcraft said. "But, yeah, Texas and Oklahoma are up there. I want to get through high school and especially this state championship before I really start thinking about all of that."
Going into the final game of his sophomore year with a chance at a state title, Ashcraft says he just wants to keep proving himself and work alongside his teammates.
"I want to prove that I can be a major player on this varsity squad as just a sophomore," he said. "Of course, my main goal is to win state."