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Arnett: Big Ten cant hang with SEC

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas - DeAnthony Arnett, the No. 2 recruit in the state of Michigan, was never so sure of his decision to leave the state for college football as he was on Jan. 1 - when the state's two flagship universities were overwhelmed in bowl games.
Seeing Michigan lose to Mississippi State, 52-14, in the Gator Bowl and Michigan State get crushed by Alabama, 49-7, in the Capital One Bowl, made Arnett happy he's headed to the University of Tennessee.
"It just shows you how good the football is in the SEC," he said Sunday during the opening day of festivities for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. "It just shows what the quality really is. Every game is tough. Michigan doesn't face that."
It was a down day for the whole Big Ten, as all five teams in action lost with Penn State losing to Florida, Northwestern falling to Texas Tech and Wisconsin losing to Texas Christian.
Arnett said the issue isn't the players - but the ability of the players to prepare.
"It just goes to show what happens when you can practice year-round," he said. "We can't do that in Michigan."