Army Bowl invite a dream fulfilled for Davis

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Antwuan Davis knows he's in rare company with some of the national recognition he's received. 

Davis has already gotten a handful of prestigious honors, including being selected for the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge. On Friday, Davis earned more recognition when he was presented as a 2013 U.S. Army All-American.

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For Davis, this one feels different. Being selected to a national All-American game is noteworthy in itself, but being named an Army All-American brings added importance.
"I'm really looking forward to this game. You have to pay all your dues to the Army people," Davis said. "This game is for those people in the Army, to see the best that the US has to offer.
"I'm looking forward to entertaining them, giving them all respect and thanks. If not for them, we wouldn't have this bowl and a lot of things in our lives."
A 6-0, 180-pound cornerback out of Bastrop (Texas), Davis has been watching the Army All-American Bowl for years. He's had thoughts of playing in the game and he'll soon be living out a childhood dream, and he'll be doing it in his home state.
"I wouldn't want the Army Bowl to be anywhere else," Davis said. "Me and other Texas guys are going to have the most fans. We're just going to show these guys from out of state how Texas ball is played.
"There's a reason they put it here -- Texas does have the best football in the United States. "
Playing in this high-profile event is a dream come true for Davis.
"Not many people get to do this, so I'm glad I was one of the ones picked to represent the Army and I'll represent them well."
At the Five-Star Challenge, Davis admits he didn't start off well, mostly because he wasn't aggressive enough. He did pick things up as the event went on, and during 7-on-7 play, he was one of his team's best defenders.
In San Antonio for the Army Bowl, Davis plans to hit the ground running and turn in a solid week from start to finish.
"With this one, I have to start off hot," Davis said. "I'll start off how I know I can play football and have fun. I know if I can do that, more than likely I'll have a really good Army All-American game."
A speedy cornerback who can cover downfield and also be physical when necessary, Davis appreciates being named as one of the nation's top football players. He wants to play well for purely competitive reasons, but he maintains that there's more at stake in representing the Army than just his play on the field.
"It's the highest honor of them all to be in this game," Davis said. "You're playing for a purpose in this game. You want to have as much fun as you can. You're going to be on national TV where everybody is going to be watching it. Everybody wants to be entertained. That's what I'm looking forward to taking up there.
"In the Army All-American Bowl, you play for yourself, your team and you play for all these people in the Army. It's definitely a big deal."
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