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Army Bowl announcement watch 2012

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Here is a look at the prospects announcing their college choices live during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Saturday. Rivals.com National Recruiting Analyst Mike Farrell gives his thoughts on where each is headed. - updated 1/3/2012
U.S. Army All-American Bowl Announcements
QB Anthony Alford, Petal (Miss.) High
Overall Rank: No. 124
Schools: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss
Farrell Analysis: Alford was expected to be a lock for LSU for the longest time but with Gunner Kiel on board, things have changed. Ole Miss and Mississippi State are attractive options, but watch out for Southern Miss here.
Prediction: Southern Miss. Committed to: Southern Miss.
LB Keith Brown, Miami (Fla.) Norland
Overall Rank: No. 110
Schools: Illinois, Louisville, Miami
Farrell Analysis: Brown's decommitment from Illinois was expected and Louisville looks good here because coach Charlie Strong recruits the state of Florida so well, and there has been a lot of buzz that if he didn't stick with Illinois or Miami, he could end up in the Big East.
Prediction: Louisville. Committed to: Louisville
DE Jonathan Bullard, Shelby (N.C.) Crest
Overall Rank: No. 20
Schools: Clemson, Florida, South Carolina
Farrell Analysis: Bullard was supposed to make his decision a few weeks ago and many though an upset could be pulled then with all the Shrine Bowl buzz about Clemson. However, Florida has been the long-time leader here and the Gators are the team to beat.
Prediction: Florida. Committed to: Florida
S Deon Bush, Miami (Fla.) Columbus
Overall Rank: No. 68
Schools: Alabama, Auburn, Miami
Farrell Analysis: Bush has been linked to all three schools in different ways and the lure of the SEC is strong, but Miami has done a great job recruiting him and staying close to home will be a factor here. The buzz is that the 'Canes lead.
Prediction: Miami. Committed to: Miami
LB Nick Dawson, Charlotte (N.C.) Phillip O. Berry
Overall Rank: No. 132
Schools: Clemson, Louisville, NC State
Farrell Analysis: Clemson doesn't have room it appears, so this is a battle between Louisville and NC State. Louisville got the last visit, it's where his dad lives and they have always been a favorite of his. Chalk this one up for the Cardinals.
Prediction: Louisville. Committed to: Louisville
S Jordan Diggs, Cape Coral (Fla.) Island Coast
Rank: No. 11 safety
Schools: South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt
Farrell Analysis: Diggs has been leaning towards South Carolina for some time now so it won't be a bi shocker if he chooses the Gamecocks here. Not really another option I feel comfortable with at this point.
Prediction: South Carolina. Committed to: South Carolina
DT Ellis McCarthy, Monrovia (Calif.) High
Overall Rank: No. 17
Schools: Cal, Oregon, USC
Farrell Analysis: The fact that McCarthy is on this list is surprising because he certainly doesn't sound very sure of himself as far as a decision. He said USC and Cal are his top two and despite the fact that the Trojans have been the long-time leader here, if he decides this week it could very well be Tosh Lupoi and Cal.
Prediction: Cal. Committed to: Cal
DE Tyriq McCord, Tampa (Fla.) Jefferson
Overall Rank: No. 74
Schools: Georgia, Miami, South Carolina
Farrell Analysis: McCord's mother favors South Carolina and he has been linked to the Gamecocks for quite some time, but he has also recently talked a lot about how far from home Columbia is and that distance is a big factor. Miami could be the choice here.
Prediction: Miami. Committed to: Miami
LB Brian Nance, Euless (Texas) Trinity
Overall Rank: No. 140
Schools: Arkansas, Baylor, UCLA
Farrell Analysis: Nance wants to take all his official visits after the Army Bowl so it's odd that he is announcing, but right now it's clear that Baylor is where he is most comfortable and if he decides to declare on national television it should be the Bears.
Prediction: Baylor. Committed to: Baylor
WR Jordan Payton, Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian
Overall Rank: No. 120
Schools: Cal, Notre Dame, UCLA
Farrell Analysis: This one doesn't need much explanation and has little drama.
Prediction: Cal. Committed to: Cal
RB Barry Sanders, Oklahoma City (Okla.) Heritage Hall
Overall Rank: No. 134
Schools: Florida State, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Alabama
Farrell Analysis: Sanders is pretty much down to Oklahoma State, where his dad played, and Stanford, and right now the guess and buzz is about Sanders heading to Palo Alto. However, mom would love to see him stay close to home so the Cowboys could make this a toss up.
Prediction: Stanford. Committed to: Stanford
CB Kevon Seymour, Pasadena (Calif.) Muir
Overall Rank: No. 93
Schools: Cal, UCLA, USC, Oregon
Farrell Analysis: Seymour has been linked to both USC and Cal and UCLA is making a late push. This could be one of the more suspenseful decisions and could come down to how he feels when he wakes up on Saturday. USC is the guess here, but it's not a confident one.
Prediction: USC. Committed to: USC
S Elijah Shumate, Ramsey (N.J.) Don Bosco Prep
Overall Rank: No. 128
Schools: Notre Dame, Rutgers, South Carolina
Farrell Analysis: Shumate liked South Carolina for quite some time and has always had interest in Rutgers, but after his Notre Dame visit everyone felt he was headed to South Bend. Not too much suspense here.
Prediction: Notre Dame. Committed to: Notre Dame
S Shaq Thompson, Sacramento (Calif.) Grant
Overall Rank: No. 7
Schools: Cal, Notre Dame, Oregon, Washington
Farrell Analysis: Thompson arrived at registration and told everyone he was leaning towards USC and that Cal was almost an afterthought. He talked up Washington a bit but really talked up the Trojans. Is it a head fake or is it a true stunner in the making. As much as I want to buy it, I'm not. He's going to be a Bear.
Prediction: Cal. Committed to: Cal