Army Bowl an honor for Bigelow

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To be named a U.S. Army All-American is a very special honor and
Kenny Bigelow is well aware of that fact. To be able to share this experience

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with Khaliel Rodgers, a close friend and teammate, makes it even
better. The defensive tackle from Elkton (Md.) Eastern Christian Academy is glad
that all of his hard work is paying off.
"It's a great honor to be able to play on national TV in front of all the people
that serve our country," said the 6-foot-3, 295-pound Bigelow. "Khaliel and I
worked hard to get where we are now. To know that all of this hard work in this
program has paid off for both of us is a great feeling and to know that he is
going to be down there with me for this prestigious honor. Khaliel is basically
my brother and we try to make each other better everyday."
This season has been different than most for Bigelow, Rodgers and their
teammates. Last year, they played for Bear (Del.) Red Lion Christian Academy but
transferred when the school de-emphasized football. Their new school, Eastern
Christian Academy, is brand new and has not been sanctioned by the Maryland
Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association. For this reason, many schools
canceled their games with Eastern Christian Academy for fear of being ruled
ineligible for the playoffs.
In four games this season, Bigelow had over 12 sacks. He shared his thoughts on
his team's situation.
"It was kind of different, moving from one school to the next," he said. "We
still have faith in our coaches and each other and we know that if we keep
working hard good things will come."
Bigelow, the number one rated defensive tackle in the country, is part of
USC's top ranked recruiting class and is extremely excited to get to
the west coast.
"I'm preparing for it the way I've prepared for anything else," Bigelow
explained. "I'm going to lift, train and condition hard and work on my technique
as long as I can. I expect to work hard and be the best I can be at USC."
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