Army AA Bowl Chat: Terrelle Pryor

SAN ANTONIO - Terrelle Pryor, the nation's top-ranked prospect, stopped by for a chat with Rivals.com users in the recruiting message board Monday afternoon live from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. The following is a transcript of the chat:
How confident are you that OSU can design an offense that will fit your style and allow you to use your ability to run and pass?
If you make a decision before signing day, will you wait until signing day to announce it or make your choice known as soon as you decide?

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Terrelle Pryor - Im just confident because in my mind if I am playing quarterback the coach would use me to my abilities.
It will probably be before Signing Day, but I'll probably just let it go to Signing Day.
1)What are some weaknesses in your game you feel you'll need to improve upon to be successful at the college level?
2)Who impressed you at practice today?
Pryor - "Quarterback technique is not the greatest, but I'm going to work on it.
"I think everybody (impressed). None of them looked overrated to me. Some of them looked underrated. They're all good athletes and that's why they're here."
What Intrigues you with the possibility of having Michael Brewster, Mike Adams, JB Shugarts, and maybe Josh Jenkins all block for you.
What impact will your visit to Ann Arbor and Jim Tressel's house visit have on your final Decision
And Will Ohio state's or Michigan's Bowl Performance effect your decision.
Pryor - "Today, Adams and Jenkins blocked real well and I know Brewster's a beast. If I was to choose that school I know they'll have my back.
"Bowl performance is nothing because that's not what picking a school is about.
How much is distance going to play a part in his decision? Does a school like, for example, Oregon, have some ground to make up for or cover because they are further away?
If he really is open, how come he chose to take a trip to OSU long before he visited anywhere else, and why is he waiting until now to really look into some top schools?
Pryor - "[Distance] won't play a part."
What are your top 3 factors in choosing your college destination?
Is your visit to Ann Arbor set up, and if not, will you definately visit before your decision?
-Dr. P
Pryor - "Comfortable with coaches and players, that's really it for me. I want to know that the coaches are telling the truth.
"Yes, my visit is set up. I'm visiting the last weekend in January or early February."
1) Is your family pushing for a certain school?
2) Although you have set a final 5 schools are there any others that may jump into that top 5 or is it case closed that one of those 5 will be where you go?
Pryor - "My dad was pushing for Pitt, but not anymore. He knows I'm not going to go there. They're letting me choose my own school.
"It's case closed."
Where did Tennessee stand before the departure of David Cutcliffe? Were they in the lead?
With Cut is Duke seriously in the mix?
Pryor - "They were probably in my top three.
"Yes, if I was any other recruit I'd give them a look too because he's going to make it happen there. He's a smart guy and he knows his football."
Why do you think you are the #1 recruit in the Nation base on Rivals?
Pryor - "There's all kinds of other kids who could be No. 1. It's just somebody's opinion."
Are you visiting Oregon in Jan?
Pryor - "I don't know. I haven't made up my mind about that yet.
moderator - Pryor has Duke and Michigan visits set up as of now for the month of January. Others possbily could be set up like Florida.
How do you feel about the respective coaches of your top schools (Michigan, OSU, Florida, etc...)?
How has the recruiting process been working with these coaches?
Pryor - "When you look at the coaches you've got Jim Tressell and he's classy. It's been a fun process with him. You've got Joe Paterno. Then you've got Rodriguez and Urban Meyer. Those four or five coaches, it can be overwhelming. It's a fun process and it's enjoyable.
If Ryan Mallett does transfer, do you look at that as a positive for Michigan since the job would be yours as a freshman?
Pryor - "I don't care who's there. You've got to fight for every position.
1. Have you decided on what you want to major in yet?
2. Does any school listed appeal more to you because of your major?
Pryor - "Criminal Justice. That's the only thing that is interesting to me.
"The major I picked, everyone has and they're good at it.
Will having a great, fast group of WRs ready for you to throw to play a role in your decision?
Pryor - "Every team I have right here has some crazy fast receivers. At Michigan you have my cousin, Toney Clemons. He's fast, big and good. Ohio State has all those receivers. Florida has all them receivers as well as Oregon and Penn State.
What makes you dangerous as a QB?
Based on the videos I've seen, if I'm a defensive coordinator my scouting report would be that "Pryor will hurt you by land or by air".
Pryor - "If I see the pocket collapse, I can move around and make D-backs choke up. It's the greatest to see those d-backs look up in the air after the ball goes over their heads.
If OSU shows the spread in the Championship game will that prove Coach Tressel will design the offense around your talents?
Pryor - "Coach Tressel has to go with what he has. Boeckman is not a spread guy. Why would he change when you are in the National Championship?
What made you decide to eliminate Pitt from the running?
Pryor - "I just didn't want to be in that area. It's too close to home. I don't like their offense either.
Although the spread offense seems like a good offense to fit your skills in college, do you have any concerns that most NFL scouts and teams do not feel it best prepares a quarterback for playing at the NFL level (which is your ultimate goal)?
Pryor - "This is a good question. VINCE YOUNG!!
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