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Army AA Bowl Chat: Darrell Scott

SAN ANTONIO - Five-star running back Darrell Scott stopped by for a chat with Rivals.com users in the recruiting message board Monday afternoon live from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. The following is a transcript of the chat:
Darrell, how would you describe your visit to Texas? How did it meet up with your expectations?
What was your reaction to a group of Longhorn fans that came to a couple of the St. Bonny games?
Darrell Scott - I liked Texas a lot, they are very welcoming, I met the whole coaching staff and they are in my top three.
They were just very straight forward, and I love how they came out to show support during the CIF and state game.
Congrats on winning your championship. Did you see all of the Buff fans in the stands with the signs at the game? Seemed like your mother had a good time with the signs.
What is the number one factor that will ultimately help you decide where you will play ball next year?
-Buff Fan42
Scott - Yes it was nice having fans from CU where my uncle goes, come to the game and my mom took a couple of posters homes. Thanks for making them.
Depth chart and team unity.
Are you more interested in playing in a pro or spread offensive system, and how big of a factor is that?
Will you be announcing at the Army All-American Game?
Scott - Yeah, and hopefully we can get the quarterback behind the center a few times. I'm excited if I were to choose CU.
No, I'll announce on signing day.
Congratulations on the state championship. Is winning a national championship in college also a priority for you? Will going to a legit contender play a major role in your decision?
Scott - Somewhat, but it's not like I have to go to a prestigious school. I can go to another place and make history, not follow in history or other people.
If we had started recruiting you earlier, might we have had a better chance at getting you to commit? And where exactly do we rank on your list?
Scott - You guys had a good impression on my visit and you are in my top three.
Darrell with recent rumors that you wouldn't visit Florida can you clarify whether you will or won't, and where do the Gators rank right now on your list?
Scott - Yes I am, Jan. 11 I will be visiting UF. Florida just one of my top schools.
Darrell, does playing behind a good o-line influence your decision at all?
Scott - That does influence my decision and seeing if the OL is young as well. Which at the University of Texas they are, they are all freshman.
Do you run any of the spread offense now or at any of the other schools you've played at?
Also, do you want to play where you would getting a good number of passes per game or do you just wanna stick primarily to running the ball?
Good luck with you decision
Scott - I would like to have a balanced offense but if I can at least average 20-25 carries a game that would be great.
1. What is the fastest you've ever run the 40 in?
2. Do you prefer to shake somebody in the open field, stiff arm them, or just run them over?
Scott - Fastest 40 was a 4.32 at a combine. I'd prefer a shake/stiff arm combo if I had to choose but whatever it takes.
Darrell, when do you plan on announcing your decision of which school you'd like to attend? Good luck on a bright future.
- diego91
Scott - I'll make my decision on Signing Day, it's set for television, not sure with who yet.
You seem like a very humble young man. Being one of the top recruited players in the country this year, is there any one person or group of people close to you that have helped you remain grounded throughout the whole recruiting experience?
- zephyr11
Scott - My mom keeping my head straight and staying spiritual.
What would be sweeter to you, winning a National Championship or winning the Heisman?
Also, does the way a college gets their RB's to the NFL play an impact on the teams your looking at?
- ptrain37
Scott - I'd say a national championship is more important to me.
It's somehwat important the tradition of a school for producing NFL running backs. It will be a factor but not the most important factor. Depth chart is most important.
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