Armstrong to announce Sunday

With Andre Debose and Dyron Dye both planning to make decisions on Sunday, the third member of the 'Seminole Trio' wouldn't miss the opportunity.
"I am going to commit on Sunday," Sanford (Fla.) Seminole athlete Ray Ray Armstrong said on Wednesday following a practice at the Under Armour All-American Game in Orlando. "It is between Georgia, Miami, Florida, and LSU."
The four-star athlete, who won a state championship earlier this month, talked about each of his finalists.

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Georgia: "It is a pretty good school. I like the town and the school itself. The coaching staff, they seem like they are truthful. I like their system and how they play their safeties in the program."
Miami: "They are known for putting a lot of players out. Their defense alone, they just have a great defense by itself. The coaching staff at Miami is great."
Florida: "There is a lot you can say about Florida. They won the championship a couple of years ago. They made it back again. They have a lot of talent over there. I think they can do well for a couple of years."
LSU: "Pretty much I think the same of everybody. It is just hard for me right now to make my decision. Everybody is pretty much in the same spot. It is tough for me right now."
Armstrong lined up at numerous positions throughout his high school career but said he has one particular position in mind for his college career.
"(I want to play) safety," the 6-foot-3, 218-pounder said. "I like roaming around and making plays and being free. You are not balled up in one spot and have to do too much to make a play. I just like to be free."
While he plans to announce a decision during Sunday's telecast of the UA Game, Armstrong said the recruiting process will not be completely wrapped up for him.
"There is a possibility I might take a couple more (visits). I might take at least one more official, I only took two. It is between Miami and Florida (for that official)."
Armstrong has previously officially visited LSU and Georgia.