Arkansas QB Ready to Show It All

Arkansas has not really been known for producing a large number of quarterback talent. But, this year could be a different story. When you talk about the signal callers that stand out at this early point in the recruiting process you would be out of line to not mention one of the best from the state.
Springdale (AR) Shiloh Christian pro-style quarterback Rhett Lashlee feels he has a lot to prove and to more than just the home state school.
"Right now, I only have one offer from Tulsa," he said. "Most of the others seem like they are going to offer. But, they are saying they will wait until after a few games of my season to be sure."

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What else have you been doing to prove your status?
"I went to Tulsa, Arkansas, and Mississippi's summer camps," he said. "I was going to Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia and Duke but I didn’t get to go because of my grandmother was in the hospital for two months."
"I am glad I stayed home, but I think those camps would have really helped me get my name out there."
Who at this point already have your name?
"I talked to Arkansas and Oklahoma and they want to see my first few games," he said. "I am real interested in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia and maybe Miami."
Do you have any plans to visit?
"Yeah, I am going to the North Carolina game against Oklahoma so we shall see how that goes," he said. "I am just looking for the best opportunity right now."
Okay, what about the home state school?
"I am a big Razorback fan," he said. "But, I am not a fan so much that I grew up saying I just have to be at Arkansas."
"I want to look around and find my new home"