Arizona OL one of the best in the west

Three-star offensive lineman Kody Innes (6-5, 270, 4.9) from Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro is one of the best offensive line prospects in the western region as his 11 offers would indicate. The talented offensive lineman is a staple for a football team that has won 33 consecutive games and three straight state championships.
Innes has offers from Arizona State, Cal, Stanford, UCLA, Washington, Colorado, Nebraska, San Diego State, Utah, Nevada and Northern Arizona.
"I really need to narrow my list down," Innes said regarding his list of impressive offers. "I'm thinking, hopefully by the end of this week. Our school starts on Monday (August 10th) and I'll be able to talk to my coach before practice and stuff like that and maybe narrow it down, a little bit. I might have my top five by nest week sometime."

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"I'm not sure who they will be yet," Innes said. "I just really need to sit down with my coach and discuss it.
"Arizona State was the first school to offer me," Innes said. "I get to see the coaches a lot and get to know them. I really do love the coaching staff.
"The only thing that Arizona State is lacking on is the academics," Innes said. "But their coaches and their football, I love them, they were the first to offer me and they are just a great bunch of guys.
Is Innes thinking about playing the Pac 10 or is playing in another conference a viable option for him?
"Everything is possible," Innes said. "I'm fine staying in the state and staying close to home, but I also think that it would be nice to go somewhere that isn't as close to home to get that college experience away from my family.
"Even though I would love to see my family come to see games," Innes said. "But to have that college experience where I'm out of state would be kind of nice.
The only camp that Innes participated this year was at ASU, because it was in state and it was fun, but he did take unofficial visits to ASU, Cal, Stanford and UCLA.
"At Cal I really liked Coach Steve Marshall and the whole coaching staff," Innes said. "I was able to see what their new facilities will look like and they should be done my freshman year. are all state of the art and looked great and Cal is really a good team and they compete. I like that about Cal.
"Stanford, Coach Greg Roman wasn't there, but I was able to meet with Coach Tim Drevno and talk with him," Innes said. "We had a great time. My dad was really entertained, he was the one who went with me.
"We talked about the academic side and I got to meet with a professor," Innes said. "I learned a bunch of stuff. It was really a fun time."
"For UCLA, pretty much my whole family came with me," Innes said. "They really liked it. We got to see the dorms and the academic side of it and everything.
"I was able to talk to Coach Rick Neuheisel and Coach Norm Chow," Innes said. "We're actually going out there to help my sister move today (Thursday August 6th).
"We're about to go drive to California, so I will probably stop by UCLA again and get to meet Coach Bob Palcic," Innes said. "I've talked a lot to him (Palcic), but I haven't met him in person yet, so I will probably stop by and get to say hello to him in person and talk with him a little bit.
"UCLA is just gorgeous ," Innes said. "I mean its Westwood, so that's another cool thing about it.
"Of course, the climate in northern and California where both Cal and Stanford are at was great," Innes said. "In L.A., I mean it's just beautiful and not 115 like it is here."
Does Innes have a timeframe for his decision?
"No, I really don't," Innes said. "I'm really just playing it by ear. It is just an enjoyable experience to have all these colleges looking at me and being interested. I'm really just enjoying myself right now.
"Like I said, I'm probably going to narrow it down by next week and I will let everyone know who the top schools are," Innes said. "Then from there, I may take some officials, but I really don't know."
Innes has the mentality that you love in an offensive lineman. His selflessness regarding his own awards was a window into his personality and the intangible he displayed was one that is common in great offensive linemen.
"I think I was second-team all-state or all-region," Innes said. "I don't know if it was all-state or all-region. I'm not sure.
"I really don't pay attention to all that," Innes said. "Two days after we won the state championship the next Monday, I was in the gym working out getting ready for this season.
"I'm more of a person to get ready for next year and not worry about the honors I receive and all that," Innes said. "That only gives you a big head and I don't think that benefits a player at all."
Innes is already very strong for a high school player. He benched 295, five times, squatted 500, five times and cleaned 275. Those are big time numbers for a high school athlete. He recorded a 25-inch vertical on a bum ankle due to and injury playing pickup basketball.