Arizona lands Florida wide receiver

Key West (Fla.) wide receiver Clive Georges made the long trek from the southernmost point in the United States to Arizona this weekend. It won't be the last time he makes that trip.
"I committed to Arizona," Georges said. "I made it official this morning."
The 6-foot-1, 170-pound wide receiver said that he felt like part of a family while on his official visit.

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"I like the other players there and the kids around there," Georges said. "Everyone knew each other. No one was a stranger. I also liked the coaches a lot. I like how they act. I also like how close they try to get with everyone. It is like one big, old family."
Georges said that the atmosphere around the squad was a fun one, but that when it comes time to accomplish things on the field they are a serious bunch.
"The people around there, they just want to play," Georges said. "They might play around some times but when it is time to get down to it you can tell they are serious about playing some ball. I like that."
The Sunshine State speedster also sees an opportunity in the offense that will be utilized by the Wildcats.
"The offense is going to be like it was at Michigan - like it always has been with him (Rich Rodriguez)," Georges said. "The same formations and offensive attack is what they are going to use.
"They told me that they basically want to use my speed," Georges added. "Things like little bubble screens, fly (patterns), things like that."
Over his four-year career, Georges had 83 receptions for 1,406 yards. He also held offers from Florida Atlantic and Western Michigan.